​New Life Worship Center
6395 Birmingport Road
Sylvan Springs, AL 35118

Not only do tithes and offerings support the operating expenses of the church, but also they support our helping hands ministry, which takes care of our food pantry and helps people in need in our community.  Our ministry staff and members participate in community outreach and missions trips, and we also set aside funds to support local charities.  Guest missionaries and evangelists preach from our pulpit regularly (almost weekly) and we support them with giving.

Our church is a special place where many people have begun to fulfull their destiny in the kingdom of God.  Generations of faithful prayer, resources, and work have been spent to bring us to this place of blessing.  This year, we are seeing miracles take place as God draws more and more people under our covering of ministry, and God is opening the windows of heaven and providing for every need.  If God is leading you to make a donation to NLWC, please be obedient to Him.  Our church is good ground to sow into the kingdom of God.  Come and join us in one of our meetings and be a part of what God is doing.  

If you are a regular member of New Life, please give your tithe during regular church meetings.  However, if you can't make it to a meeting, please click the GIVE button above to send an offering online.
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6395 Birmingport Rd. Sylvan Springs, AL 35118